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Anonymous asked:

A while back you told me to go for what I want (a boy). And I kind of did by telling him I missed talking to him then he said he missed ME! And that he would make a better effort to talk to me more often... But we haven't talked since then, but I'm not even upset because he was so sweet, and all I'm trying to say is thank you! And I will be back, because this is my first "relationship" and I have no clue how to handle it!

Aww! That’s so cute sweetie. Wishin’ you good luck in your first relationship. Try everything to make it last and just be honest with each other. Don’t make decisions when you’re overwhelmed or when you are in deep emotions. Whether it is too much happiness or the other way. That will do for you. :) Good luck again and have a great day.

Anonymous asked:

Hi, so I have an old friend from HS that I always text with. We get along great. I always try to make plans to meet up for lunch or hang out. He always says maybe that might work or he has plans but they may fall through. Usually it ends being that we never hang out. Then he will always text me being funny. Is it me or does it seem like he doesn't want to hang out? But then why does he still text me? I don't get why people just can't say no. I don't like maybes.

Don’t put too much effort in meeting up with him. If he wanted to hang out with you, then he’ll put it in his priorities specially if you are the one who make plans first. But as I see it, you are at the least of his priorities (sorry). There are really just people who cannot say no because they don’t want to hurt someone or they can’t reject someone. But the down side of the attitude is that they are giving hopes when in fact there’s none. Maybe he enjoys talking to you but not to the point that he would hang out with you. So just let it go. Be the usual friend and not bring up the hanging out thing or meeting up.

Anonymous asked:

Soo me and my boyfriend have been together 6 months, and we go to different schools. Well earlier, a girl from his school messaged me on Facebook and said that he was at a party and had a girl sitting on his lap and every time she'd go to move, he would pull her right back in. Well, I confronted him about it, and he said that she just tripped over a chair and landed on his lap, from the little he remembers. I do r believe him& he knows that. I just don't know whatt to do? 😕

First, did you know that he went to that party? Second, who is this girl that messaged you? Is she someone you both know or friends with? Is she someone you can trust? The answer to these will lead you to what you should do.

If he can keep something from you like going in a party, then you should think twice. Then If that girl who messaged you is someone you knoe you can rely on and wouldn’t betray you, then maybe it is true that something like that happened in the party. Don’t close your mind to the posibilities but it’s also good to believe him until you know what is true and what is not.

Anonymous asked:

1)I was talking to this one kid who u really liked and I found out that one of my best friends was into him. So then I stopped talking to him and we (BFF) talked about it, we agreed to not let this come btwn us. Now she has a thing w him.

2) my other friend started talking to this guy best friend I like, so I didn’t bother trying anymore. And my bff told me to not go for this one guy in my friend group cuz it would ruin our group. I’m such a a good person with shitty friends and I had no idea. But I love them. that happened all in 1 month.

Yes, you are indeed a good person and you put their feelings first rather than yours. But sometimes, you cannot be happy with that. You have to stand on what you like and what will make you happy. Just make them understand why you are doing such things and I think if they are your TRUE FRIENDS whether they have a shitty attitude or what, they’re gonna understand you.

Anonymous asked:

My boyfriend is in the Tennessee National Guard and he got back from Basic at the beginning of July and he leaves for AIT when he graduates, now we haven't been together for long, but we have known eachother for a good two years. I want to make this year memorable for him, it's his senior year. I cannot think of anything special to do for him. Any advice? Please, I'm desperate.

Time. I think time with each other will be the best thing to give to him. The memories you make. The silly laughs, the simple fights, the cuddling. Something like that. That will be enough for it to be special. Surprise him everyday with simple thoughts perhaps? Like give him a candy that says something like “I like this candy because it reminds me how sweet you are.” [sounds cheesy] but it’s effective. :) Boys will not be the only one who gives effort in the relationship and if he can see that you are trying to at least be on the same level of his effort, then it’ll mean so much to him because he’ll feel that he’s indeed as important as he makes you feel.

Anonymous asked:

me and my boyfriend have been dating for around 8 months and things have just suddenly started to change! im not sure if im losing feelings for him or something i just really dont know whats going on because when i text him everythings so blah and im not even sure why im with him but then when were together he reminds me why im with him and we always have the funest times and we love eachother its just i dont understand because its like i want him but at the same time i dont??? help!!!

Honey, if you are not sure with everything, i think you have to think things through. Sort it out and talk to him also. Why do you feel like that when you’re not together and just talking through texts, and why you feel like this when you’re together. Make clear of the confusions. You should be open to him or else he cannot help you get through it. He wouldn’t know what to do or what’s wrong until you realized that you don’t want to be with him and that will be something that hurts the most. It’s like he’s in a battle without realizing it. Maybe he’ll know what to do and how to help you if you just tell him.

Anonymous asked:

Hey, I feel like I'm being replaced by my bestfriend with one of my friends. Whenever my bestfriend talks about her I get really upset and kinda jealous. I'm really worried because all my friends before have either replaced me or moved away. I don't want to lose my bestfriend😭😭 I've spoken to my bestfriend about it and she said that she would never replace me but i think it's already started to happen😕 what am I suppose to do?😟

The only solution that I can see is to stop worrying. The more you get jealous and the more you put a barrier to yourself by being afraid that she might replace you, the more you push your best friend away from you. Be happy that she found another friend (close friend) other than you. You could also do the same. Either be close with her new close friend, or be close with other people around you. The world of friendship doesn’t revolve around you and your best friend. As the simple paragraph says “The more, the merrier” you should be as happy as her. But always make her feel that you are still her best friend inspite of everything. Talk about anything and everything that best friends do.

Anonymous asked:

Hey, okay so here is my struggle I really like this guy and we talk a. Lot he's a new kid at my school. And anyways we've known each other for a week and a couple days and we sit together at lunch and everything but I want to tell him I like him and then I don't because I don't want him to stop talking to me. If that makes since. Advice?

Well, maybe it’s better if you get to know each other more. And it also depends on him on how he’ll react. Depends on what his natural reactions with situations like that. But yeah. Just keep him close and know each other deeply. It’s the best step you can do for now.